EEO Complaints/EEOC Hearings

Our federal sector EEO attorney understands that unlawful discrimination in the workplace takes a very serious toll on employees' lives and well-being. Our EEO attorney aggressively defends and promotes the legal rights of federal employees who have been unlawfully discriminated against in the workplace.

Hosea Legal represents federal employees nationwide at every stage of their EEO complaints -- informal EEO complaints, formal EEO complaints, EEO complaint investigations, and hearings before administrative judges at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

​At the EEOC, our attorney advances the legal rights of her clients through requests and responses to written discovery (interrogatories, document demands, requests for admissions, etc.), defending clients in depositions, taking depositions of management officials, filing motions for her clients and opposing agency motions, engaging in settlement negotiations, and representing federal employees at EEOC hearings. 

We represent federal employees nationwide in EEO complaints and EEOC hearings involving the following types of discrimination:

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