"Saying 'thank you' is not enough based on my experience with Stephanie Hosea. I know she is a very busy attorney but she made me feel like my case was the most important. She was caring, very articulate, and provided superb legal and logical analysis when presenting my case. She is a good listener and at the end of our conversation I always felt confident and reassured this nightmare would go away. It was evident of her knowledge of the federal system during our first conversation and every time thereafter. I would highly recommend Stephanie -- she is a true professional!"



"Stephanie Hosea was there for me at one of the most difficult times of my life. Going through a federal MSPB or EEO process or hearing may be one of the scariest things you ever have happen as a federal employee. She quickly read all the evidence, caught on to the inconsistencies and read through a lot of agency cover up. Ms. Hosea was a god send, as she was very quick on her feet, made excellent arguments, and cared about getting me the justice I deserved! I highly recommend Ms. Hosea for any federal employee who is in need of quality representation."



"Filing a charge of discrimination can be a daunting experience. The system can be frustrating and confusing, but Stephanie Hosea's experience guiding a client makes all the difference. She would tirelessly explain what options existed, what to expect next in the process and she kept me immediately updated with everything that went on the case. I was impressed with the way she would accurately predict the next move of the opposing lawyer. Ms. Hosea genuinely cares about her clients, their well-being, and the outcome of their case. That is especially important in cases like these where you can sometimes feel you are fighting a juggernaut. My case was complex but she was able to focus on it's strengths to ensure success. Her expertise, professionalism and pro-active approach make her an effective attorney; her compassion, and integrity makes her an outstanding one."



"Complainant's attorney, Stephanie Hosea, provided exceptional representation to Complainant."

Julie Procopiow Todd


"Stephanie, I just want to thank you for your exceptional performance. Your professionalism, confidence and knowledge of the statutes and most importantly my case were so apparent. I was really proud to have you representing my case. The thoroughness to which you recited the oral presentation was totally awesome and the looks on the opposing side faces were priceless. Can't thank you enough."



"Stephanie Hosea provided me with a thorough understanding of the process with dealing with the MSPB. Thanks to Ms. Hosea's hard work, dedication and belief in me, the disciplinary action was removed from my record, thus allowing me to continue to advance my career to new levels." 



"Stephanie Hosea is a consummate professional. I have to say that from my first contact with Ms. Hosea, I knew I was going to be in good hands. Ms. Hosea has a wonderful ability to walk you through the process in a way that is simple and straightforward. Nowhere were her fine qualities more evident than at the Tribunal. The authority, swiftness and precision with which she acted when prompted by the requirements of the moment was something to behold. Clearly, Ms. Hosea's professional instincts coupled with her ability to articulate our position succinctly made it possible for us to prevail."



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"Stephanie, In life you meet certain people that are very gifted. Maybe an artist that articulates his/her art above all others or a dancer that moves with a precision and grace that's mesmerizing (I use those examples because I have a friend that's a gifted artist and my wife used to be a gifted professional dancer) and you know that God really gifted that person. That being said and I'll say it again, you really have a gift as an attorney, I can't duplicate it but I can surely recognize it! That was really precise, to the point, backed on a legal foundation and said everything. Your ability to transfer my feeling and distress into legal locution is amazing. Thank you so much."